Image by Anthony Tran


My focus and the ways I work

My goal is to provide you with support and help you work through whatever problems you are facing with the aim of reducing or eliminating your distress.


As a Counsellor, I work without prejudice or judgement and at the pace that best suits you. In therapy I work in partnership with you, guided by you to explore the past, present and future.


The focus of the therapy I provide is on helping you to better understand the causes of the troubles you are facing, to support you and, if you want, to try to help you find solutions that actually work for you.

In the sessions, I prefer to take a light, conversational approach to help you feel at ease and to foster confidence as you work on whatever issues are important you.

I sincerely believe that there is no issue too big or too small for therapy.

By Video and Phone

Since the beginning of 2020 the profession has had to move online to keep supporting our clients. However, although video and phone counselling is equally as effective as in-person counselling, it does require therapists to be properly trained and experienced in delivering therapy in this way.

I have specialist training and am experienced in delivering this form of counselling and have been doing so for years before the pandemic. Indeed, some of my clients prefer to work in this way, as it suits their needs and/or lifestyle. For example, phone or video counselling can be useful for busy people or those who travel a lot, where getting to the counselling session can be a problem. It can be useful for people where mobility is an issue or where difficulties with being in public or travelling is itself the focus of therapy.